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Meet Rachele 

Rachele Royale is a singer, dancer and actress from Los Angeles, California. Behind the glamorous allure of Rachele’s artistry, lies a journey of loss, heartbreak and strong-willed redemption. Trained under her mother’s wing, Rachele grew up in the world of show business and lost the coach and mother that taught her everything she knew, to suicide. Now it is Rachele’s mission to share her story with the world, not only to heal herself, but to also help other’s who have also gone through similar struggles.

She’s an independent artist known for her powerhouse vocals and top 40 pop lyrics. She is a Topliner, writer, actress, dancer and producer. Her music has been featured on Sirius XM, 104.3 MYFM, MTV, MTV SOUNDTRACK, VH1, CMT, NFL, NBA, Audience Network and more. Her first album was produced by legend Mutt Lange, and Swedish producer Tony Nilsson. Her pop hit “Tap Dat” has been used all over the world for TV/Film and choreography. Rachele’s single “Last Time” produced by Brandon Sammons, became well known after appearing alongside Travis Mills artist spotlight on MTV. “Last Time” was also submitted to be voted on for a Grammy nom. Her latest singles include Hooligans and Rules produced by T7istan. Diamondz and Please Her produced by Dave E Berg. Rachele is featured on the Nova Pop album through Universal Music and Sonic Beat Records which includes a music video for the song “Light It Up”. Rachele’s new podcast “Haus of Royale” is in the works, as well as a new feature film credit for “Mid-Century”, which is currently available for streaming.

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